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working on some mugshots and some more interesting "escape from the madness."...shots - but for now here are some iphone photos taken in various states of repair.

IMG_7690 2.jpg



I cannot wait to get out there and play the tunes live and loud!!

I’m thinking it will be finally happening in 2022 by which time we will all hopefully 

be living life as we remember it used to be, before the big C…

not the one I had…the latest one!!

IMG_7711 2.jpg


I've just started working on the next collection of songs …working title for the album is “Home”

coz that’s where most of us around the world have been "caged" for the last 12 months (March 20 -March 21) and it's also where all the latest musical figments of my imagination have been  fleshed out.  Recording starts in earnest on the same day that ‘The Healing’ is released...

APRIL 1ST 2021.

Get your heady's on coz the next one's on the way!


My eldest son is doing a film degree...he doesn't know it yet

but he's going to be challenged with making his Dad look "interesting"...

a task that may not sound as difficult as it surely will be !!

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