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When the surgery and chemo had finally ended...
 the tunes in my head returned recent cancer journey was more than a match for all the other journeys in my life...and when the surgery and chemo had  finally ended, the 50 toxic tablets a day had finally run out, my broken ribs had healed to the extent that they could, and I had completed 6 months of sticking a needle in my belly to ward off the blood clot that had sprung up in my lung, I vowed to see as much of the world as possible…my constant worry being “what if my cancer comes back?” This is a recurring theme in cancer wards and one that, frankly, scares the shit out of most of us who were fortunate to make the journey through surgery and out the other side. So it was time to embrace those Buddhist teachings…a journal of mantras that were a constant inspiration to me whilst making my trek up the side of the “cancer cliff”…”Live every day like it’s your last / learn every day like you will live forever”. I try my best to live by this sentence every day. So, during my treks, the urge to document my journey in tune and verse became ever stronger and I found myself recording vocals on cruise ships, programming beats on aeroplanes, and strumming chords into my Mac in hotel rooms all over the planet…and finally stringing it all together during lockdown on head phones in my girlfriends bed in Manchester! 



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